Grounding Activities, Rooted in Stillness

Tend to your wellbeing & reinvigorate your senses with intentional wellness offerings at Mar Vista. As you enjoy idyllic views & soothing sounds of our natural surroundings, you’ll unearth a wellness path that is refreshingly simple & grounding. The Mar Vista environment inspires a well way of life, beginning with a gentle reminder to celebrate the present moments. From forest baths to massages, you’ll rediscover the practices you find most enriching as you tune into your natural surroundings & yourself.  

Stars above Mar Vista Cottages

Star Bathing

When the sun goes down at Mar Vista, prepare yourself to see the night sky as you’ve never seen it before! Away from city lights, the stars shine more brightly, commanding your attention. Join us for a nighttime journey, the sea crashing in the distance, to ponder what is beyond our own world. 

Self-guided, available whenever the sky is clear!

Japanese Soaking Tub

Soaking Tub

Our secluded redwood soaking tub is located in a gazebo at the edge of the upper pond. Filled with pure water from Mar Vista, and using no chemicals, it is a wonderful way to take in the coastal air—and the views of the Pacific.

The soaking tub must be reserved and is limited to one cottage use per day, per stay.  Available for adults only.

Forest bathing in the redwood forest

Forest Bathing

Studies have shown that simply spending time in the forest can have health benefits, and “forest bathing” is our way of helping guests both connect with nature and improve their wellbeing. We provide maps and lists of our favorite hiking paths, such as the private trail through redwoods to our meditation bench, where the trickling creek, the birds, and your breath are the only sounds you’ll hear.

Self-guided; contact Mar Vista to arrange a guided forest meditation.

Outdoor yoga in nature

Mar Vista Retreats

Join us for our 2023 Wellness Weekend Retreats or guided weekday retreats to restore & rejuvenate through a mindfully curated wellness journey. Each day, you’ll enjoy life, simplified as you unplug & reconnect with your surroundings.

Yoga along the beach


Our yoga experiences are unique and powerful—fully immersing you in the Mar Vista mindset, where you can exhale, breathe deeply, and let the calm wash over you. Weekly complimentary Vinyasa-style classes take place on the Upper Deck Lookout or beach (weather permitting). Beginners are welcome. Bring your own mat, or borrow one of ours. 

Most Saturdays, 9:30 a.m.; private and group sessions available by appointment.

Cottage bed for in-room massage


Relax and restore your body and mind with massages from talented local bodywork specialists. Unwind with a deep massage from the comfort of your cottage, soaking tub, or alongside your partner.

A two-week notice is required for booking. Please email us ahead of time or add to your reservation when booking.

Meditation blankets & cushions on the overlook deck

Meditation in the Meadow

Get centered and focus on what really matters, staying present in the moment and relishing your surroundings. With the sounds of the waves serving as a pleasant backdrop, you’ll become one with nature—and feel a deeper connection to yourself. Locations for our weekly complimentary meditation include the forest, beach, and meadow.

Guided meditation 9:30 a.m. Most Sundays; private and group sessions available by appointment. Self-guided meditation available anytime—we recommend early-morning hours for quiet and the best light.

Picking flowers in garden

Reading + Resting

For those who seek restorative solo time, countless inviting spaces await at Mar Vista. Wander in the flower garden, settle into a cozy hammock, or walk the scenic grounds as you nourish your wellbeing with soothing simplicity. Dive into a new novel or reread an old favorite amongst the florae.

Creating + Exploring

As you settle into Mar Vista’s natural surroundings, we encourage you to entertain inspired waves of creativity and curiosity. Pack your sketchpad or painting materials and commemorate your stay with an everlasting piece of art. Stumble upon beautiful florae throughout the property and create a bouquet to brighten your cottage. Mar Vista is your destination for simple, grounding wellness. 


Fruits and vegetables harvested in baskets


Discover the simple pleasure of hand-picking seasonal vegetables in the Mar Vista garden. Delight in the transformation of your bounty into a fresh, wholesome, garden-to-table meal. Share photos of your culinary creations and recipes with us at hello@marvistafarmandcottages.com for a chance to be featured in our email newsletter.

Cozy cottage living room and table for journaling


As you experience a change of pace on Mar Vista grounds, note your reflections, sentiments, and reminders on living slowly and simply. Each cottage is also complete with a guest journal – jot down your favorite Mar Vista memory and leaf through those shared by past guests for a heartfelt exchange.