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A space rooted in nature,
wellness, and conscious living

You know this place—or perhaps it just feels like you do. Mar Vista Farm + Cottages instills that sense in nearly everyone who visits our magical site on the “secret coast” in Mendocino County, where life slows down so you can forge stronger connections with nature and the ones you love. Here, the everyday fades away, replaced by a more conscious, simpler way of life.

Cottage in the forest

Life slows down in the charming cottages of Mar Vista

Just across Highway 1 from the Pacific Ocean, Mar Vista offers vintage cottages, the Glass House events space, a redwood soaking tub, and nine acres of natural areas—forested trails, farm animals, harvesting gardens, spaces for family play, even private access to a secluded beach. Ideal for solo travelers, couples, families, furry friends, and gatherings, it’s as if you have your own private country getaway.

At Mar Vista, you’ll feel restored, reinvigorated, ready for whatever’s next. And you’ll realize that you did, in fact, know this place all along. Because ultimately, it is a reflection of you at your best.

Yoga students in sukasana pose on the beach

Welcome the New Year with Wellness

2024 Wellness
Weekend Retreats

As you break free from the demands of a digitized world and find freedom in exploring curiosities, you’ll discover a sense of calm that endures well beyond your time spent with us.

Mar Vista's Amenities
Mar Vista Amenities-Mobile
Cozy cottage bed

The Cottages

Our 11 bright and airy cottages each feature a fireplace, antique furnishings, plush bedding, and a well-stocked kitchen.

Basket of fresh laid eggs from Mar Vista hens

The Experience

From forest bathing to farm activities, Mar Vista is a mindful escape designed to bring you closer to the land and one another.

Glasshouse Interior


With coastal views and serene forests, Mar Vista is perfect for weddings, retreats, milestone occasions, and celebrations.

This Is Us

We consider ourselves the stewards of Mar Vista, rather than the owners. It is our dream to share this wonderful place with you.

Rooted in conscious living

Mar Vista is a place for people to be present and act with intention—and we act with intention as well, with sustainable farming and gardening practices, responsible water use, and more.

Cottage 3 in the distance with the sun shining through the redwoods

Safety in seclusion

The Mar Vista experience is physically distanced by design, with wide-open spaces and a wealth of outdoor activities on our nine acres. We also have enhanced protocols to ensure a safe environment.

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Celebrating Ongoing Commitments to People and Planet