Calendar of Events

Our Calendar focuses on the land, preserving days for honoring its inhabitants and sharing the
joy of its bounty. Watch for on-property events and ENJOY! 

Note: At Mar Vista we intentionally keep the campus very dark and night; no screens, no street lights, only the milky way, the north star and an occasional moon to guide you. We promote star gazing and have incorporated some of the most notable meteor showers in the calendar. Learn more here.


2nd-5th – Mar Vista Weekend Wellness Retreat – space still available
4th – The eta Aquariids  Shower
5th – Stone Ranch Tour – RSVP required
5th – Boonville Beer Fest
8th – New Moon – Best for Stargazing!
12th – “Made in America” – Mother’s Day Tea + Concert – Gualala Arts Center
15th-16th – Octagon Shimmer Quilt Workshop – Gualala Arts Center
17th-19th – 25th Annual Anderson Valley Pinot Noir Festival
18th – Celebrate the Coast – Point Arena-Stornetta Unit
18th – Wildflower Walk – Point Arena Lighthouse
18th – June 16th – KelpFest
23rd – Full Flower Moon
25th – 26th  Gualala Wildflower Show


May 18th – June 16th – KelpFest
1st – Roll your Own Sushi Workshop at Gualala Arts Center
2nd – Stone Ranch Tour – RSVP required
3rd – Parade of Planets
6th – New Moon – Best for Stargazing
7th – 16th – 3rd Annual Urchin/Uni Festival- harvest your own urchin right on Fish Rock Beach
8th – An Evening with Madame Kate – Point Arena Lighthouse
14th – Happy 8th Birthday to Willy, Wally, + Wiley (our Nubian Goats)
19th + 20th – Moonlight Flotilla on the Gualala River – River Bend Kayak – Reserve early!
21st – Full Strawberry Moon Lighthouse Tour – Point Arena Lighthouse – Reservations required
23rd – Full Strawberry Moon


5th – New Moon – Best for Stargazing
6th + 7th – PA Independence Festival
14th – Stone Ranch Tour – RSVP required
19th-20th – Mar Visa Closed for Private Event
20th – (almost) Full Buck Moon Night Tour – Point Arena Lighthouse – Reservations required
21st – Full Buck Moon
29th-30th -Southern delta Aquariids
30th-31st -alpha Capricornids

View above cottage three showing an almost full moon at sunset.