Calendar of Events

Our Calendar focuses on the land, preserving days for honoring its inhabitants and sharing the
joy of its bounty. Watch for on-property events and ENJOY!

Note: At Mar Vista we intentionally keep the campus very dark and night; no screens, no street lights, only the milky way, the north star and an occasional moon to guide you. We promote star gazing and have incorporated some of the most notable meteor showers in the calendar. Learn more here.


2nd-3rd Point Arena Indepence Day Festival
9th – Point Arena Lighthouse (almost) Full Buck Moon Night Tour
28th –  New Moon – Good Darkness for stargazing!
28th-29th – Delta Aquariid Meteor Shower


11th-13th – Perseid Meteor Shower
13th – Point Arena Lighthouse (almost) Full  Sturgeon Moon Night Tour
18th- 21st Annual Art in the Redwoods Festival
27th –  New Moon – Good Darkness for stargazing!
27th-28th 30th Annual Studio Discovery Tour


3rd-5th 30th Annual Studio Discovery Tour
5th – Nuttah’s birthday (our resident chicken herder)
10th – Point Arena Lighthouse Full Harvest Moon Night Tour
22nd – Fall Equinox


8th – Point Arena Lighthouse (almost) Full  Hunter’s Moon Night Tour
31st – Nov 7th – Closed for Private Retreat


5th – Point Arena Lighthouse (almost) Full   Beaver Moon Night Tour
8th – Total Lunar Eclipse


3rd – Point Arena Lighthouse (almost) Full  Cold Moon Night Tour
13th-14th Geminid Meteor Shower





A gentle creak near our property grounds
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