Our Philosophy

When life slows down, you do more living.

At Mar Vista Farm + Cottages, our mission is inspiring wellness, connection with nature, and conscious living. Every element of the experience is defined by five key attributes that serve to further our intention.

Mar Vista Chickens

Fresh eggs are delivered to your cottage every evening to be enjoyed in the morning.

view of trees in forest with Deanna walking from afar


Mar Vista is in full harmony with nature, and a testament to its restorative power. This is a historic place where you aren’t merely immersed in your surroundings, you are encouraged to engage with them—the land, the water, the animals who roam. Our property offers gardens, trails for exploring, large open spaces for gathering. Yet it also provides a feeling of connection that is only truly possible when the setting and the mindset are in alignment, encouraging people to look deeper.


The Scandinavian-style fishing cottages were built on the Mar Vista site to provide visiting fishermen with a place of respite after a day on the sea. Ever since, even as gardens and additional amenities were added, we have preserved that purpose—offering visitors peace and seclusion.

Mar Vista harkens to the past while presenting opportunities we so often miss in today’s modern society—the chance to slow down, to focus, to recharge the spirit and replenish the soul.

We acknowledge the indigenous peoples who first tended to this land, and honor all indigenous community members of the past, present and future.

Karla, our head housekeeper making the bed


With just 11 cottages scattered around the perimeter of our nine-acre property, Mar Vista offers privacy and serenity in addition to its foundation of connection. Immediately, the blend of ocean, forest, and open land creates a sense of distance from the ordinary. Here, even the air feels different, and the calm is interrupted only by the sounds of trickling Ferguson Creek and the abundant wildlife. You’ll relish not only the physical seclusion of this coastal escape, but the space it provides to quiet your mind as well.

image of beehive with close up of honey on frames


Our commitment to this land extends beyond simple preservation of open spaces and views. It includes sustainable organic farming and gardening practices; an on-site compost system; a commitment to phase out single-use disposable items; limiting our use of plastic and plastic-derived items in all facets of our operation; eco-friendly cleaning supplies; and an electric-car charging station. 

We are recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation. As a Benefit Corporation, we are focused on creating public good and adhering to sustainable values. As of 2023, we are officially powered by 100% renewal energy through the Sonoma Clean Energy program.


At Mar Vista, you are free to explore, but just as important, you also can break free from the self-imposed expectations and demands of our digitized world. There are no televisions on the property; with natural views and compelling company, they simply aren’t necessary. Mar Vista is a place where the glow of the fireplace replaces the glow of the screen, where a knowing glance is worth a thousand texts, and where the meaningful connections are physical and emotional, rather than digital.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement

At Mar Vista Farm + Cottages, we believe that diversity is essential to a thriving community, and we work to foster that value with our family of staff and guests.  We welcome and celebrate people from all backgrounds, cultures, and identities – and strive to create an inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and respected. Like the planting and sowing necessary on the farm, we believe that unique perspectives and experiences are essential to enriching our community and helping us to learn and grow together. We are committed to promoting equity and justice, and we reject all forms of discrimination and prejudice. At Mar Vista Farm + Cottages, we stand up proudly to encourage a welcoming and inclusive space where everyone feels at home.